Minutes from clans 2nd meeting on 6/9/08

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Minutes from clans 2nd meeting on 6/9/08 Empty Minutes from clans 2nd meeting on 6/9/08

Post  sytek on Sat Jun 14, 2008 5:50 pm

[6:01:09 PM] <sytek> this looks like every1 that's gonna show, shouldn't take long
[6:01:13 PM] <krazy_balloonz> i got 2 mins
[6:01:20 PM] <sytek> ok first I'll say a few things then open the floor for discussion, plz don't talk till I give u the floor other then to ask for it, plz keep talking to a minium during the meeting
[6:01:29 PM] <sytek> the 2nd meeting is called to order
[6:01:45 PM] <sytek> once again I think the clan is doing better then I thought it would
[6:02:10 PM] <sytek> we have a total of 19 full members and 4 recuits pretty good for 2 months
[6:02:33 PM] <sytek> we have squads now tho we lack leaders and members for them
[6:02:54 PM] <sytek> I think starting next month we'll have a sponsorship contest
[6:02:59 PM] <sytek> open to all
[6:03:13 PM] <sytek> then after that we'll have other contests
[6:03:22 PM] <krazy_balloonz> well afk my dinners now ready
[6:03:26 PM] <sytek> I do think so far we have a nice size clan
[6:03:32 PM] <sytek> ok
[6:03:56 PM] <sytek> well that's pretty much all I have to say so I'll open the floor for discussion
[6:04:04 PM] <sytek> abd old bizz?
[6:04:09 PM] <sytek> er nay
[6:04:12 PM] <sytek> any
[6:04:16 PM] <fors_invictus> hmm
[6:04:31 PM] <fors_invictus> gettin some more gubers goin ^^
[6:04:42 PM] <fors_invictus> squad for gettin keys ect
[6:04:54 PM] <sytek> well we pretty much need more members to make that worth while
[6:04:59 PM] <fors_invictus> true that
[6:05:02 PM] <krazy_balloonz> ill right guber guide so people will know what gubers are and how to do them
[6:05:08 PM] <fors_invictus> sounds good
[6:05:17 PM] <fors_invictus> also make a glitcher squad
[6:05:24 PM] <krazy_balloonz> we have one
[6:05:27 PM] <fors_invictus> 1x account use it over and over with several people
[6:05:33 PM] <sytek> if we keep getting members it won't be long till we're running them all the time
[6:05:34 PM] <krazy_balloonz> ne way afk
[6:05:58 PM] <fors_invictus> chaos/baal runs more often
[6:06:00 PM] <fors_invictus> i guess
[6:06:05 PM] <sytek> that's what I do now hassan with glitchers I have 2 accts for that
[6:06:12 PM] <fors_invictus> i no thats why im sayin 2 help ya
[6:06:15 PM] <fors_invictus> if they r not
[6:06:33 PM] <sytek> yes and we need some1 <dumass leader> to fingure out baal bot script to log runs
[6:06:34 PM] <fors_invictus> and thats wut im here for 2 help ^^
[6:07:06 PM] <sytek> sometimes hassn ur too much help u need to acept help more often
[6:07:11 PM] <fors_invictus> lol
[6:07:21 PM] <sytek> glad I got that on record
[6:07:24 PM] <fors_invictus> true that any ways thast about it what i have 2 say XD
[6:07:41 PM] <sytek> ok what we just talked about was new bizz, is there any old bizz?
[6:07:55 PM] <fors_invictus> bizz?
[6:07:59 PM] <fors_invictus> o.o
[6:08:21 PM] <sytek> ur gonna make me spell it right?
[6:08:26 PM] <fors_invictus> o.O
[6:08:34 PM] <sytek> going on and new bizz?
[6:08:52 PM] <sytek> other what we have alrdy covered/
[6:08:57 PM] <fors_invictus> nah
[6:09:00 PM] <fors_invictus> its all good
[6:09:29 PM] <sytek> ok then I guess I'll close the 2nd meeting of fon unless ne1 else has nething to say?
[6:09:36 PM] <fors_invictus> dont think so
[6:09:39 PM] <slowhands28> I have nothing
[6:09:45 PM] <sytek> going once
[6:09:52 PM] <sytek> twice ........
[6:09:58 PM] <fors_invictus> your gonna screen shot this phill?
[6:10:03 PM] <fors_invictus> o.O
[6:10:07 PM] <sytek> ok meeting is closed ty all for attending
[6:10:10 PM] <fors_invictus> np
[6:10:11 PM] <fors_invictus> any time
[6:10:31 PM] <sytek> wow talk about a quick meeting

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