Minutes from clans 3rd meeting on 12/22/08 part 1

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Minutes from clans 3rd meeting on 12/22/08 part 1 Empty Minutes from clans 3rd meeting on 12/22/08 part 1

Post  sytek on Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:48 am

[7:14:16 PM] <sytek> good ok offical spam 1st then we'll start since no1 else is coming
[7:14:27 PM] <sytek> ok first I'll say a few things then open the floor for discussion, plz don't talk till I give u the floor other then to ask for it, plz keep talking to a minium during the meeting
[7:14:46 PM] <To honan8> Clan meeting Dec 22th @ 7pm est plz plan to be there
[7:14:52 PM] <sytek> altight as most of the members know alot of us went mia over the summer
[7:14:53 PM] <honan8> god this sux
[7:15:00 PM] <sytek> .meet
[7:15:00 PM] <clanfon> PLZ don't talk till I give u the floor other then to ask for it, plz keep talking to a minium during the meeting
[7:15:34 PM] <sytek> but it seems good things never truely die off and the clan as a whole is coming back together
[7:16:02 PM] <sytek> we have some new recuits even ppl that asked me if they could join not ppl I actively recuited
[7:16:30 PM] <sytek> most of whom r noz players as I've been on nox trying to makea crusher
[7:17:17 PM] <sytek> katie is 1 such person and I bleieve a really good person at heart like all of our members and what we look for in fon clannies
[7:17:58 PM] <sytek> ok that's pretty much all I have to say to preface this meeting is there any old bizz?
[7:18:07 PM] <OniNeko> old bizz?
[7:18:14 PM] <honan8> ^^
[7:18:25 PM] <sytek> old business
[7:18:35 PM] <sytek> any at all?
[7:18:35 PM] <OniNeko> well I know what you mean, but i'm fairly new here
[7:18:50 PM] <OniNeko> seems like this is all fresh
[7:18:51 PM] <beerbabe> im just glad everyones still around
[7:19:07 PM] <sytek> ok that's cool, due to not having a meeting since june we don't have mucj old bizz
[7:19:08 PM] <honan8> ill vouch for katie's full membership phil
[7:20:06 PM] <sytek> now we'll get on to new bizz and that was the 1st thing I was going to bring up jer, calling for a show of hands to make katie a full member of fon IF she accepts us
[7:20:18 PM] <honan8> ^^^^
[7:20:20 PM] <sytek> all in favor?
[7:20:24 PM] <OniNeko> abstain
[7:20:27 PM] <beerbabe> i dont know her but i trust u guys so i say welcome
[7:20:29 PM] <sytek> k
[7:20:36 PM] <sytek> jer says aye
[7:20:41 PM] <sytek> kel?
[7:20:46 PM] <beerbabe> aye
[7:20:56 PM] <sytek> 3 ayes and the motion is carried
[7:21:06 PM] <OniNeko> ^_^
[7:21:08 PM] <honan8> unanimus lol
[7:21:13 PM] <OniNeko> no
[7:21:18 PM] <beerbabe> one abstained Razz
[7:21:20 PM] <honan8> err
[7:21:23 PM] <honan8> ...
[7:21:24 PM] <OniNeko> I abstained. I have not made her acquaintance
[7:21:24 PM] <honan8> Razz
[7:21:28 PM] <sytek> ok I'll ask her is she'ld like to join oir merry band of fitmisses
[7:21:43 PM] <honan8> she's pretty cool
[7:21:52 PM] <sytek> ik oni and that's np u will and I'm sire we'r all sure u'll like her 2
[7:21:58 PM] <OniNeko> ya
[7:22:02 PM] <OniNeko> I trust your judgement
[7:22:07 PM] <beerbabe> me too
[7:22:10 PM] <honan8> ill trust her more than most in essex thats for sure
[7:22:16 PM] <sytek> ty sir as I trust all of urs
[7:22:28 PM] <OniNeko> Let's not pick that old scab open
[7:22:30 PM] <sytek> jer that's not really saying much lol
[7:22:33 PM] <OniNeko> Apparently it's still healing.
[7:22:37 PM] <sytek> 2nd oni
[7:22:50 PM] <To chewmaster718> Clan meeting Dec 22th @ 7pm est plz plan to be there
[7:22:56 PM] -- chewmaster718 has left the channel.
[7:23:02 PM] <honan8> i did a lil test in a private game with her which had ab out 20 fg's worth and she didnt take any^^
[7:23:20 PM] <sytek> ok other new bizz is a few of us <with katies GG help> r making nox crushers and chnaters
[7:23:37 PM] <beerbabe> if u tell me what it is i can help
[7:23:50 PM] <sytek> she's very trustworth jer
[7:24:10 PM] <sytek> np kel we'll help u as we go with nox
[7:24:21 PM] -- chewmaster718 [32ms] has joined the channel using Diablo II (Open Character).
[7:24:22 PM] <To chewmaster718> Clan meeting Dec 22th @ 7pm est plz plan to be there
[7:24:26 PM] -- chewmaster718 has left the channel.
[7:24:30 PM] <OniNeko> Ask me if you ever want to get into the non-lad side
[7:24:40 PM] <beerbabe> k, ty
[7:24:42 PM] <beerbabe> Smile
[7:24:56 PM] <beerbabe> i dont know how nox works really. took me all those years to learn expac
[7:24:57 PM] <sytek> the whole point of what we do here is to help each other be better at this game and enjoy our time here
[7:25:21 PM] <sytek> again np kel we'll finger it out 2gther
[7:25:27 PM] <honan8> lol
[7:25:28 PM] <beerbabe> hehe Wink
[7:25:29 PM] <OniNeko> xD
[7:25:38 PM] <honan8> haha
[7:25:46 PM] <OniNeko> which brings me to say
[7:25:53 PM] <OniNeko> What is a goal as a group in nox lad?
[7:26:03 PM] <honan8> nox lad rushes?
[7:26:11 PM] <OniNeko> I for one want to synergize characters and multiply efforts
[7:26:19 PM] <honan8> the they go to xpac
[7:26:29 PM] <sytek> atm we are not currently recuit but if ne1 finds ne1 that they think might be a good addition to fon plz feel free to bring them here and ne officer can recuit OC
[7:26:30 PM] <OniNeko> *strikes out the buzzwords and replaces with non-buzzword synonyms*
[7:27:00 PM] <sytek> yes crushes to end the need for grushes
[7:27:14 PM] -- chewmaster718 [32ms] has joined the channel using Diablo II (Open Character).
[7:27:14 PM] <To chewmaster718> Clan meeting Dec 22th @ 7pm est plz plan to be there
[7:27:15 PM] <OniNeko> I have a proposition
[7:27:19 PM] -- chewmaster718 has left the channel.
[7:27:27 PM] <sytek> u'll have a lot of striking to do around me oni
[7:27:34 PM] <sytek> oni has the floor
[7:27:35 PM] <OniNeko> was striking myself
[7:27:39 PM] <OniNeko> :-P
[7:27:52 PM] <OniNeko> As you know, jsp is a good way to move and obtain goods and services
[7:27:59 PM] <OniNeko> even though there are quite a few unsavories
[7:28:03 PM] <sytek> point plz
[7:28:10 PM] <sytek> that was my point
[7:28:31 PM] <sytek> plz go on sry to interupt
[7:28:46 PM] <OniNeko> The idea would be to answer requests for crushes to earn forum gold, but more importantly, reputation
[7:28:56 PM] <OniNeko> earning forum gold can buy us a clan
[7:29:11 PM] <OniNeko> and having trusted in clan can allow us to sponsor offers of crushes
[7:29:25 PM] <sytek> let me know when u want to yield the floor for comments plz
[7:29:26 PM] <OniNeko> but trusted can take awhile.
[7:29:38 PM] <OniNeko> That's about it for that point.
[7:29:40 PM] <beerbabe> is crushes a chanted rush?
[7:29:46 PM] <OniNeko> classic rush
[7:29:48 PM] <sytek> no kel
[7:29:49 PM] <beerbabe> oh
[7:29:56 PM] <beerbabe> k
[7:29:57 PM] <beerbabe> lol
[7:30:00 PM] <OniNeko> then you convert the character to expansion. No ancients to go through
[7:30:11 PM] <honan8> i personaly hate jsp, i will help out with rushes etc but i will need someone to do the jsp end of it, i have absolutly NO patience for it nor can i deal with the assholes on it.
[7:30:12 PM] <beerbabe> k i get it
[7:30:23 PM] <sytek> ok oni persaonle I'm making a crusher to help clannies and t oalso earn fg
[7:31:06 PM] <To chewmaster718> Clan meeting Dec 22th @ 7pm est plz plan to be there
[7:31:09 PM] -- chewmaster718 has left the channel.
[7:31:26 PM] <sytek> idc if I ever get a trusted tag and as far as our rep goes I think those that know of us know we'r e a honest clan and I don't think we need to be the biggest clan on east
[7:31:46 PM] <OniNeko> It's not size I'm looking for
[7:31:54 PM] <sytek> also oni are u aware there a big cost to starting a jsp guild?
[7:32:02 PM] <OniNeko> Yes, I do know
[7:32:16 PM] <sytek> and that doesn't get u ne closer to a trusted tag?
[7:32:25 PM] <honan8> no it dont
[7:32:28 PM] <OniNeko> I know that too
[7:32:42 PM] <OniNeko> But people would definitely notice
[7:32:46 PM] <honan8> only way to get a trusted tag is to get noticed by a mod and that can take YEARS
[7:32:55 PM] <OniNeko> by association, we'd be consider honest and trustworthy.
[7:33:08 PM] <OniNeko> Trusted is a by-product of being honest and trustworthy
[7:33:09 PM] <beerbabe> nah just take ur pants off, they'll notice
[7:33:09 PM] <honan8> and if you ask for a trusted tag you will NEVER get one....EVER
[7:33:16 PM] <sytek> ok so unless we as a clan get stinking rich on jsp I don't really se the sense of forming our own but I'll leave that up to the clan memmbers
[7:33:44 PM] <OniNeko> Well I'd probably found it myself if I ever get stinking rich :-d
[7:34:04 PM] <OniNeko> Anyway, let's move on
[7:34:36 PM] <sytek> so I guess the main idea would be for us to be active on jsp and always be polte and respectful and it also goes w/o saying honest and trsutworthy in all our dealings
[7:34:47 PM] <OniNeko> exactly
[7:34:57 PM] <OniNeko> People notice and recognize that
[7:35:08 PM] <OniNeko> Not only would we have our own clan backing us up and vouching us
[7:35:09 PM] <sytek> so in this case all good things might come to those who wait
[7:35:15 PM] <OniNeko> but everyone that ever dealt with us would say the same
[7:35:23 PM] <OniNeko> exactly
[7:35:28 PM] <OniNeko> thinking long-term
[7:35:39 PM] <OniNeko> That kind of integrity and reputation is transferable, too
[7:35:44 PM] <OniNeko> Think D3
[7:35:49 PM] <OniNeko> and other games
[7:36:09 PM] <OniNeko likes really big pictures>
[7:36:26 PM] <sytek> and our job as always is to remove the stigma of being called a noob, rahter we need to embrace it and show the world as a whole it's ok to be a noob. it's not what u CAN do it's the kind of person u
[7:36:42 PM] <beerbabe> ya dirty moobs
[7:36:42 PM] <sytek> are
[7:36:45 PM] <OniNeko> vouch
[7:37:05 PM] <sytek> I'm talking too much to get it in 1 line
[7:37:50 PM] <OniNeko> So that's that in a nutshell
[7:37:59 PM] <OniNeko> we'll have to remember to observe ALL jsp rules
[7:38:14 PM] <sytek> neway we'll countinue to use jsp but I don't thik we should treat it as a end all, rather let's just be friends and have fun doing our thing. if.when jsp n otices us we'll deal wit hthat then
[7:38:28 PM] <beerbabe> do i need to get jsp? i dont have anything worth having
[7:38:32 PM] <OniNeko> kk
[7:38:36 PM] <sytek> yes vouch oni and g oa step past that
[7:38:52 PM] <sytek> no kel u don't have to if u don't want to it's n p
[7:39:11 PM] <OniNeko> jsp simply lets you liquidate your stuff
[7:39:16 PM] <beerbabe> i can vouche u guys on it if theres like a forum or something
[7:39:17 PM] <OniNeko> sell it for fg to buy other things
[7:39:29 PM] <sytek> and get fools gold to buy VR items or services
[7:39:34 PM] <beerbabe> i know it is , i just dont have anything to sell
[7:39:38 PM] <OniNeko> I'd hate to say it, but no one would care = /
[7:39:50 PM] <beerbabe> lol k i wont bother then Razz
[7:40:04 PM] <honan8> well i wanted to get rid of at least 2 accounts on nl but why bother now
[7:40:07 PM] <sytek> yes u do kel if u relaly want, I started selling bumpers less then a month agp and have over 1k now
[7:40:19 PM] <OniNeko> bumpers?
[7:40:53 PM] <sytek> glichers, jsp moobs can't call a spade a glitcher they have to call em bumpers
[7:41:02 PM] <beerbabe> oh i can them
[7:41:08 PM] <sytek> ie bump the quest
[7:41:11 PM] <OniNeko> mm
[7:41:21 PM] <beerbabe> ill make an acc one of u can sell it
[7:41:38 PM] <beerbabe> the glitchers on it
[7:42:15 PM] <OniNeko> so, next order of business?
[7:42:18 PM] <sytek> no deer it takes some doing to sell them cuz most jspers want them free what I did was join baal4q games and offered to sell em, if they need bad enough they buy
[7:43:01 PM] <beerbabe> alright, well ill just make em and worse comes to worse we use them
[7:43:13 PM] <sytek> that's just 1 way to make fools gold <yes I call it fools gold> ik u can prob gerush kel and that's another way to earn fg
[7:43:32 PM] <beerbabe> cant, no sorc
[7:43:42 PM] <honan8> ur din
[7:43:44 PM] <sytek> we'll need a update on how to earn d2 weath for guides
[7:43:47 PM] <beerbabe> he stinks lol
[7:43:54 PM] <honan8> naaa
[7:44:00 PM] <sytek> then we'll fix him so u can grush
[7:44:00 PM] <beerbabe> ok i stink and am slow
[7:44:27 PM] <beerbabe> lol thats going in the minutes
[7:44:30 PM] <sytek> no worries in time u'll get it, my 1st grush took 2.5 hours ik u can do better
[7:44:55 PM] <sytek> now I think I can do in just over a hour
[7:45:09 PM] <beerbabe> i wasnt too bad before, but i needed to switch chars
[7:45:20 PM] <sytek> and we'll make u a crusher and if I learn how to crush I"ll teach u, that's ez fg
[7:45:35 PM] -- honan8 has left the channel.
[7:45:41 PM] -- honan8 [109ms] has joined the channel using Diablo II Lord of Destruction (Lord nox-Fon, a ladder level 55 barbarian on realm USEast).
[7:45:42 PM] <To honan8> Clan meeting Dec 22th @ 7pm est plz plan to be there
[7:45:58 PM] <beerbabe> k Smile
[7:46:06 PM] <sytek> 30 to 50 per crush and if yer good enough it takes under a half hour, but sry I degress
[7:46:19 PM] <sytek> is there and other new bizz?
[7:46:23 PM] <honan8> well i can almost crush now
[7:46:37 PM] <honan8> can kill meph,trav etc in hell now
[7:46:42 PM] <sytek> grats jer hell act 2 still kicks my ass
[7:46:48 PM] <honan8> well
[7:46:52 PM] <honan8> still need an ammy
[7:46:58 PM] <beerbabe> brb tow secs
[7:47:00 PM] <sytek> all u need to do is get them to act 3
[7:47:03 PM] <honan8> that and gtoes
[7:47:16 PM] <honan8> y act 3?
[7:47:26 PM] <honan8> most want hell act 4
[7:47:29 PM] <sytek> s othey don't go back to nm
[7:47:48 PM] <sytek> u finish the rush on xpac with a xpac rusher
[7:48:15 PM] <sytek> so in that case jer yer rdy to crush now
[7:48:22 PM] <OniNeko> it's a3
[7:48:45 PM] <sytek> u just need to get then to act 3 not thru then they convert to xpac
[7:49:37 PM] <beerbabe> back
[7:49:46 PM] <honan8> my rushes wont happen then,all i have on xpac lad is a pos summoner
[7:49:50 PM] <sytek> and then u take them to act 5 in hell xpac and here's a funny fact, toons that have been crushed can glitch/bump grushes
[7:50:00 PM] <beerbabe> u can use my hdin
[7:50:06 PM] <sytek> jer we can dlbe team it
[7:50:08 PM] <honan8> in ladder?
[7:50:16 PM] <beerbabe> oh i dont have ladder guys
[7:50:27 PM] <honan8> my necro will make game drop
[7:50:30 PM] <sytek> I can grush ladder no worries
[7:50:44 PM] <honan8> main reason i made him,to make pub games drop
[7:50:45 PM] <honan8> lol
[7:50:53 PM] <sytek> thx to randy loaning me a whole gg hdin setup
[7:51:00 PM] <honan8> maxed summins and poison nova
[7:51:16 PM] <honan8> 1 pt in nova^^
[7:51:19 PM] <sytek> so jer netime u want we can team up for a crush

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