Minutes from clans 3rd meeting on 12/22/08 part 2

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Minutes from clans 3rd meeting on 12/22/08 part 2 Empty Minutes from clans 3rd meeting on 12/22/08 part 2

Post  sytek on Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:49 am

[7:51:35 PM] <sytek> but again we're off topic
[7:51:40 PM] <OniNeko> ha, I need ladder characters too
[7:52:00 PM] <sytek> we can help u np oni
[7:52:09 PM] <OniNeko> as in xpac
[7:52:31 PM] <sytek> ok other new bizz, maybe we should sheuld a clan ladder grush or crush jer willing
[7:53:00 PM] <honan8> wasant planning on goin ladder again tho
[7:53:13 PM] <OniNeko> ya
[7:53:17 PM] <sytek> and if it's a clan grush then we can also sell spots on jsp bumper and grusher can split profits
[7:53:32 PM] <OniNeko> only respond to requests
[7:53:32 PM] <honan8> i did that once and got screwed
[7:53:39 PM] <OniNeko> cannot offer services w/o trusted tag
[7:53:55 PM] <honan8> i had a post closed uz of that
[7:54:07 PM] <beerbabe> ill do anything u guys want me to--or what i can do
[7:54:08 PM] <honan8> and almost got a warning
[7:54:11 PM] <sytek> yes oni that's the way t odo it and also depend on how u respond other ppl might pm u to get in gerush
[7:54:29 PM] <OniNeko> ya, say something like
[7:54:35 PM] <beerbabe> do u guys need my input? i kinda need to lie on the tiles now
[7:54:36 PM] <honan8> or you can always make " iRush4FG" games
[7:54:40 PM] <OniNeko> "I can do it. Me and my buddy could rush a full game if we had to"
[7:54:44 PM] <OniNeko> ya, that too
[7:54:58 PM] <sytek> yes that's the way to do and next time I do it I'll post the link to my post on clans site
[7:55:22 PM] <OniNeko> nice
[7:55:28 PM] <OniNeko> so
[7:55:34 PM] <honan8> im talking the game name, make it like iRush4FG or something and w8 for someone to come
[7:55:36 PM] <sytek> or more like "I can grush quickly and have a bumper waiting"
[7:56:03 PM] <sytek> u can also do that I have made games called grusher4hire
[7:56:06 PM] <beerbabe> lol i guess not. im going to lie down. lemme know if i can do anything
[7:56:11 PM] -- beerbabe has left the channel.
[7:56:26 PM] <sytek> ok np kel sry if I missed something hope u feel better
[7:56:44 PM] <sytek> sleep well deer and get to feeling better
[7:56:52 PM] <sytek> and gone
[7:57:00 PM] <OniNeko> mmhm
[7:57:18 PM] <sytek> ok guys ne other new bizz b4 I close meeting and we can bs all we want
[7:57:31 PM] <OniNeko> I have an idea
[7:57:38 PM] <OniNeko> been kicking it around for a LONG time
[7:57:41 PM] <sytek> u have the floor
[7:57:52 PM] <OniNeko> basically a core team of sorcs
[7:57:57 PM] <OniNeko> tri-elemental team loaded w/ mf
[7:58:13 PM] <sytek> that migh work oni and work well
[7:58:16 PM] <OniNeko> mf "sisters" if you will, so called because you must watch each others' backs
[7:58:24 PM] <honan8> 280 mf orber here
[7:58:32 PM] <OniNeko> I'm building fireball
[7:58:43 PM] <OniNeko> not only that
[7:58:49 PM] <sytek> I have lite lad and nl but I don't think I have good mf
[7:58:57 PM] <OniNeko> we can work on that
[7:59:05 PM] <OniNeko> thing is
[7:59:10 PM] <OniNeko> this team can be expanded
[7:59:18 PM] <OniNeko> what if they're accompanied by a high-damage mf barb?
[7:59:27 PM] <OniNeko> He could use find item for another chance at items
[7:59:32 PM] <OniNeko> etc.
[7:59:40 PM] <sytek> lol I think ik were I can get isted sword and shield for 2 hrs nl <j/king jer>
[7:59:42 PM] <honan8> i have something we can add to that oni
[7:59:52 PM] <OniNeko> what's that?
[7:59:55 PM] <honan8> i been thinking about that find item build
[8:00:10 PM] <honan8> max find item and all bo skills
[8:00:33 PM] <honan8> since he will only be walking behind everyone popping bodies anyway
[8:00:38 PM] <sytek> and let barb get last hit?
[8:00:44 PM] <honan8> no
[8:00:51 PM] <sytek> oh ok just read that
[8:00:52 PM] <OniNeko> not worry about last hit
[8:00:53 PM] <honan8> he wont do any dmg due to 2x gulls
[8:01:05 PM] <sytek> that might work well 2
[8:01:12 PM] <OniNeko> that would severely affect the team's survivability
[8:01:26 PM] <honan8> 2x gulls, chances gwrap,tarn,mf boots and mf gloves
[8:01:29 PM] <sytek> this brings to mund one last item of old/new bizz
[8:01:47 PM] <honan8> 2 p nagels
[8:01:51 PM] <honan8> and mf ammy
[8:01:58 PM] <honan8> 350-400 mf^^
[8:02:10 PM] <sytek> we need to get the squads going again, I would like reg members to be able to lead squads wit ha officer supervising
[8:02:28 PM] <OniNeko> tancred's armor and ammy gives good mf
[8:02:38 PM] <sytek> and that would be the job of the mf squad
[8:02:45 PM] <honan8> 78 mf total for tanreds
[8:02:56 PM] <OniNeko> thx for the reference
[8:03:04 PM] <sytek> or use part of tals gear
[8:03:08 PM] <OniNeko> job of the mf squad?
[8:03:16 PM] <OniNeko> oh, talking about non-lad xpac now?
[8:03:21 PM] <OniNeko> I have es/orb
[8:03:25 PM] <OniNeko> decked the hell out
[8:03:29 PM] <honan8> i have tancreds armor and ammy if needed
[8:03:30 PM] <sytek> to mf items for themselves and clan
[8:03:42 PM] <OniNeko> on nox?
[8:03:46 PM] <OniNeko> jerred?
[8:03:51 PM] <honan8> ya
[8:03:58 PM] <sytek> non, xpac, nl, and lad
[8:04:04 PM] <OniNeko> nice
[8:04:14 PM] <OniNeko> well as far as xpac nl goes
[8:04:22 PM] <OniNeko> <- es/orb sorc
[8:04:39 PM] <honan8> <---- dont want or need anymore chars or junk
[8:04:46 PM] <honan8> on xpac
[8:04:47 PM] <OniNeko> 6 ist cs 4 ist monarch, ist shako, ist tal plate, tal ammy, tal belt, wartrav, 2 pnagels and charms
[8:04:49 PM] <sytek> for the time being if needed I will head a squad but I would rather be a member of squads and not lead or be the opfficer
[8:05:25 PM] <sytek> it's startig to souond like oni would be prefect to lead the mf squad tho
[8:05:35 PM] <honan8> i have a find item barb started for nox so....
[8:05:42 PM] <OniNeko> I do seem mosted interested in it
[8:06:01 PM] <sytek> hobsons choice oni sry
[8:06:09 PM] <OniNeko> hobsons?
[8:06:11 PM] <honan8> but we will need 2 gulls,those will be the hardest to get
[8:06:37 PM] <honan8> think you still have the tarn phil
[8:06:42 PM] <sytek> so how about if u lead and jer can be the officer? ik u are a officer but forms must be followed lol
[8:07:11 PM] <sytek> old reference and if u gave me something on nox jer it's prob on a mule
[8:07:19 PM] <OniNeko> hmm
[8:07:24 PM] <honan8> k
[8:07:27 PM] <honan8> lol
[8:07:38 PM] <honan8> that or adam got it
[8:07:41 PM] <OniNeko> Depends whether Jerred wants to be officer, but I'll lead mf squad
[8:08:00 PM] <honan8> idc, thats all i been doin mostly is mfin anyway
[8:08:06 PM] <sytek> we also need some1 trustwirthly to take care of clan nules and this time I'll have to write doen acct names and pws
[8:08:06 PM] <honan8> but
[8:08:17 PM] <honan8> make oni officer/leader w/e lol
[8:08:23 PM] <OniNeko> That's something Kel can do, isn't it?
[8:08:32 PM] <honan8> already done phil
[8:08:41 PM] <honan8> whole mule acct made
[8:08:54 PM] <honan8> il pm pass later over yahoo oni
[8:09:00 PM] <OniNeko> kk
[8:09:00 PM] <sytek> that's up to u 2, I think it would be gr8, so if I lead grushing squad for now who wants to be the officer over me?
[8:09:15 PM] <honan8> not i since i cant grush
[8:09:17 PM] <honan8> lol
[8:09:21 PM] <OniNeko> ditto
[8:09:25 PM] <sytek> is that for a fo nox mule acct jer?
[8:09:35 PM] <honan8> ya
[8:09:42 PM] <sytek> u don't have to grush both lad and nl
[8:09:58 PM] <honan8> im gonna start permming mules tonight so
[8:10:01 PM] <sytek> so jer for now would u like to lead mule squad?
[8:10:02 PM] <OniNeko> Can be in more than one squad?
[8:10:11 PM] <OniNeko> mule squad lmao
[8:10:16 PM] <honan8> grrrrrrr
[8:10:25 PM] <honan8> you just want my ass realmed all the time huh?
[8:10:28 PM] <honan8> lol
[8:10:33 PM] <sytek> yes that's np we'll all have to wear several hats till we get more active members again
[8:10:40 PM] <OniNeko rolls on the floor laughing his ass off>
[8:11:04 PM] <OniNeko> I see
[8:11:12 PM] <honan8> btw
[8:11:18 PM] <honan8> mule accoutn IS registered
[8:11:23 PM] <sytek> ik jer being mule squad leader u might get some beggars but as a whole fon isn't bad
[8:11:24 PM] <OniNeko> Well I'm a NON LADDER pvm warlord
[8:12:17 PM] -- honan8 has left the channel.
[8:12:17 PM] <sytek> so for now jer if u accept and oni aggrees jer can lead mule squad and oni can be the officer
[8:12:20 PM] <OniNeko> so that's my limit for now
[8:12:31 PM] <OniNeko> eh, leave me out of that
[8:12:42 PM] <sytek> just tell we get more active memebrs to fill out the rnaks
[8:12:55 PM] <sytek> npo oni
[8:13:03 PM] <OniNeko> I'm willing to help out
[8:13:04 PM] <sytek> er fill out the ranks
[8:13:14 PM] <OniNeko> but not officer
[8:13:33 PM] <sytek> th ething about the mule squad is that's where the most trusted members have t obe
[8:13:45 PM] <OniNeko> is true
[8:13:52 PM] <OniNeko> alright, I might as well
[8:14:03 PM] <OniNeko> mf squad seems to go w/ the mule squad anyway
[8:14:11 PM] <sytek> the mule sqaud won't have many ppl in it max of 4 I think and I'll be a member
[8:14:20 PM] <OniNeko> It's our burden to bear (bad joke intended)
[8:14:49 PM] <OniNeko> we lost Jerred
[8:14:52 PM] <sytek> what I'm think for mule squad is jer to lead, oni as officer and kel and I as members
[8:15:01 PM] <sytek> DCed maybe
[8:15:06 PM] <OniNeko> weird
[8:15:27 PM] <sytek> no biggie he's been having probs with his isp
[8:15:33 PM] <OniNeko> bummer
[8:15:39 PM] <sytek> yeah
[8:15:42 PM] <OniNeko> well
[8:16:02 PM] <sytek> neway maybe we should close the meeting if there isn't ne other new bizz
[8:16:10 PM] <OniNeko> ya
[8:16:20 PM] <OniNeko> I have a used pc to go buy and bring home
[8:16:33 PM] <sytek> ok I offically close this our 3 rd meeting of FON clan

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