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Post  sytek on Tue May 20, 2008 12:00 pm

Ok, since no one else has written this one I'll take a stab at it. This isn't meant to be all the information you need, rather a primer to get you started.

First you need to know how to find out the IP of the server that your game is on. There are a few ways to do this, here are two of those ways. Open a command prompt once you are in a game. For XP users, go to start, then click run and type cmd. This will open what's called a command prompt. Then type netstat -n and a list of the Ips your computer is connected to will be listed. Look for the line that has something that looks like this; the number to the left of 4000 is the sever you are on. In this case it would be IP 159. The other way is if you use stings map hack there is a column called game server which will list the game server you are on like again in this case the server number is 159. Remember you have to be in a game to be able to find out what sever you are on.

Next you will need a IP or Ips to look for, again there are a few ways to do this. My two favorite ways are either to have a friend that has found a dclone server to tell me what server they found or to key/mf games till I find a dclone server. You'll know it's a dclone server if you see a message that says X number of SOJs sold to merchants. Another way to find good Ips to look for is go to channel Op Dclone. Here are some of the commands for the dclone bot;

.top - this tells you the top there dclone servers
.hot - this tells you the hot servers
.event xx where xx is the server you would like more information about. Note the date and time of this info.
.def xxxx where xxxx is a term you would like more information on ie, dclone, ip, or almost anything having to do with dclone hunting.

I'm sure there are more commands but these are the most helpful. One important thing to remember that the the information you get from .event <ip number> might be days out of date, this also applies to .top and .hot too. I have found more annis from either finding the server myself or having a friend clue me into a good server. However Op Dclone channel is a good place to find useful info.

Now that you have a server or better yet servers to look for the HUNT is on. What I do is I make a private hell game (dclone only walks in hell games even though you will see SOJs sold in norm and nm games, hint this is yet another way to find dclone servers) look at the IP of the game and then key it (look for T, H, and D keys). If it isn't the right IP I make another game. It's VERY important to remember not to make the games too fast or you'll get realmed and won't be able to log into Bnet for about a half an hour. So go a little slow and mf or key the game. You might have to make a lot of games to find a dclone server. Don't worry if you stick to it you'll probably find one, hopefully.

Once you find a Dclone server the real fun begins and that's playing the waiting game till dclone walks. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days or more. Never fear if you stick in the game long enough he will walk. To keep you from being booted out of the game you need to do what's called the running man. This can be done in three places in the game. I do it in act five, what you do is go to the landing above the stash and close to the stairs closest to the stash and stand there and click on the stash. If you do this right you will begin to run in place and the screen will shake. Ok now you alt tab to windows or turn your monitor of coming back from time to time to see if dclone has walked. All of this is the hardest part of dclone hunting, getting the IP, finding the IP, and waiting, waiting and waiting for the server to pop. Open your message log so you can see SOJs being sold and the message Diablo Walks The Face of the Earth.

Once he walks this is perhaps the easiest part of the hunt, killing dclone. I use a smiter although before I had my smiter I used my hammerdin. It takes longer to kill with a hdin but a strong hdin can kill him. With a smiter it's real easy. Once you have killed dclone he drops a undentified small charm. Pick it up if your killer doesn't have a anni or bring in a char that doesn't have one to pick it up and ID it. You can leave the game and come back if your quick, a game that is permed will remain for a minute or so.

Here in a knot shell is how I hunt for annis, I hope at least some people find this guide useful and that I have kept it simple enough to understand. Enjoy the hunt and I do hope you find a lot of annis.

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Dclone Hunting Guide Empty Re: Dclone Hunting Guide

Post  OniNeko on Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:08 am

I'd like to add that Diablo Clone will walk on non-expansion games with the same IP. I've faced D Clone twice on non-expansion, and it's kind of fun... Even if he doesn't drop anything.

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