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Grushes can be done with any char that can tele and can get through hell. Personally I use a 13k hammerdin. It also helps to have MH but it can be done with out. Grushes can be done with or with out a glitcher (a level 38 or higher character that needs normal baal quest. If you don't have a glitcher on hand you can make a nmrush 4 baalq game and rush a pub along with whoever you're rushing. Below is a general guide for a grush. First a list of rushing rules.

1. on quests stay by the tp unless told otherwise
2. if you die stay dead till told to come back
3. all drops are rushers
4. don't pop seals, open doors, chests, etc unless told to do so by the rusher
Plus ALWAYS do what the rusher tells you to do even if it doesn't make sense to you, the rusher is in charge of the rush.

Act 1
Tele down to level 4 of the catacombs. As soon as I go down I kick all the barrels and open the sarcophagus so the level ones don't open them and get killed by a mummy or trap. Make sure the door is closed to the next room, then put a tp by the stairs. When at least one person that needs quest comes down tele into Andy's chamber and kill her everyone that is in town will get the quest.

Act 2
Tele down to the Halls of the Dead levl 3 which is located in Dry hills and kill everything around the chest that contains the cube and put up a tp for the cube. Then proceed to far oasis and go don't the Maggot Lair to lvl 3, kill Coldworm the Burrower and all her minions. Cast a tp for the staff. Then find the Valley of the Snakes which will be off of Lost City, go down to Claw Viper Temple level 2 and kill everything down there and put a tp by the alter so they can get the ammy. At this point someone needs to talk to Drognan to open the palace and transmute the staff and ammy. Then goto the Arcane Sanctuary and put a tp just before you get to the summoner and once at least one person that needs quests comes down kill the summoner and let them read his tome. Look at the walls for the missing symbol and that will be the symbol for the right tomb. Find that tomb in The Canyon of the Magi. Once in the right tomb find the chamber with the orifice, kill everything there and put up a tp. Have at least one person come down that has also talked to Cain and open Duriel's chamber. Now here is a interesting fact no one needs to go down with rusher when Duriel is killed they just need to talk to Tyrael to be able to go on to act 3. This is by far the hardest act as far as what needs to be done to compelte the act.

Act 3
Go to Travincal and place a tp on the walkway just north of the councils temple (for those of you that don't know which way north is, in the game your shadow points west). Once everyone is in Kurast and one person comes down the tp, kill all members of the council. Then everyone must talk to Cain. Then go to Durance of Hate level 3 and put a tp in the circle right in front of where the walkway appears after Mephisto is killed and have at least one person come down, kill Mephisto. Then have everyone come down and go through the red portal to act 4.

Act 4
Take the way point to River of Flame and tele into the Chaos Sanctuary and go to the west wing and pop both seals and kill the Grand Vizier of Chaos (the unique storm caster) you don't have to kill all the monsters in the Chaos Sanctuary, just the three main bosses. Then go to the north wing and pop the seal there and kill Lord De Seis. Clear a spot near Diablo's star and close to the northwest of the star for the rushies to hide. Once at least one person comes down proceed to the east wing and pop both seals and kill Helpasto the Armorer, once he is dead all the monsters in the Sanctuary will die and Diablo will appear in his star in the middle of the Sanctuary. Kill Diablo.

Act 5
If ancients need to be done go to ancients way and find the Arreat Summit and put up a tp. Once on the summit the quester can hide in the south west corner while the rusher kills the 3 barbarians. The rusher can read the tome to bring the barbs to life and the quester will still get the quest. Kill all 3 barbarains. Take the Worldstone level 2 wp and tele the throne room, clear a psot for the glicher and put up a tp for the glitcher to come down. Kill all 5 groups of Baal's minions. Then both the glitcher and rusher goes through the red portal. While the glitcher hides kill Baal.

Then just rinse and repeat for nightmare and hell.

A few after thoughts for those that are still reading this guide. The glitcher only has to be a level 38 to start because they should gain at least 2 levels on the way to nightmare Ancients. However if the glitcher is at least a level 50 then buy the time you get to hell act 5 they should be either level 60 or real close, so at the most they'll only have to do a couple of chaos games to be able to do hell Baal runs. Like I have stated a few times in this guide only one person that needs the quest needs to come down the quest tps. As long as everyone is partied and in town they will get the quest with the exception of the Ancients quest if they aren't the required level to get the quest.

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