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Post  sytek on Tue May 20, 2008 12:08 pm

Hammerdin guide or a look inside GrassshopperDin this is a basic pvm hdin;


Strength: Enough to wear final gear using torch and anni
Dexterity: Enough to have 75% block in hell after casting maxed holy shield
Vitality: Everything you have once strength and dexterity are done
Energy: Nothing, nada, zero, zip


20 in vigor
1 in redemption

20 in blessed aim
20 in concentration

20 in blessed hammer
max holy shield last

Once all the above skills are done you can put what little you have left in defiance for added defense defiance adds bonus to holy shield and you can put 1 hard point in salvation.


Mara's Kaleidoscope Amulet
2 Stone of Jordan rings
Harlenquin Crest Shako (umed or isted, um if your hoto has low res, ist for mf)
Enigma Armor (bp, lp, mp, ds, or ap are most used in game)
Magefist or Chance Guard gloves (magefist for fcr and chancies for mf)
Arachind Mesh Spiderweb Sash
War Traveler Battle Boots
Heart of the Oak Flail
Herald of Zakarum Gilded Shield
Call to Arms Flail
Spirit Shield (Sigon's Shield or Lidless if you don't have spirit)
Pally Torch

Mercenary from nm act 2 deffence and his gear

Stealskull Casque (Vampire Glaze or helm that has life steal)
Fortitude Archon Plate (Chain of Honor, or Shaftstop Armor)
Insight Pole Arm weapon (or Bonehew)

I got the basic build from travis aka phattybluntz, my personal sensei with out whom I would not be able to do anything on bnet. The hammerdin is the work horse of Bnet. He can go anywhere and kill almost anything in the game except for magic immunes and a strong merc can take them out. So if you want a good all around pvm character then the hammerdin is the one for you.

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