Stings Map Hack v2.10 (currently not working for 1.12)

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Stings Map Hack v2.10 (currently not working for 1.12) Empty Stings Map Hack v2.10 (currently not working for 1.12)

Post  sytek on Tue May 20, 2008 12:05 pm

You can get stings from; or you can get it from the link below too. and click on the free button, then pick a site to download from and click the download button.

Unzip it and make a copy of the stings exe on your desktop. For those non geeks of us that's the icon that looks like bart simpson. If you don't know who bart is ask someone that does lol. Then open the program, which means double click on bart. Then go to options and set it up as follows;

Under install hackmap, make sure disable auto load is checked.

Under auto reval act, male sure auto reval act with out iscan is checked.

Under integrity scan, make sure check game dll and ignore d2 loader is checked.

As with all files downloaded from the net make sure you scan it with a up todate virus checker.

There you go it's just that easy. One thing to remember though as with all third party progams that are used with Bnet there is a risk of your acct being banned and your cd key disabled. This isn't to likely to happen with the options set as listed above, but use at your own risk.

One last thought while you are in a game stings will tell you which of Bnet game servers you are on in case you want to Dclone hunt for annis. Under game server the last number is the game server. So if it says, 79 is the server that you are on.

Happy map hacking!

Stings Map Hack v2.10 (currently not working for 1.12) Grandpoobahdi0
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