[Program]Patched EPLite Diablo II v1.12 maphack

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[Program]Patched EPLite Diablo II v1.12 maphack

Post  Fors_invictus on Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:23 am


Mh for the new patch


How does EPLite operate?

1) Diablo II is frozen
2) EPLite is loaded into Diablo II
3) EPLite reveals the map of all acts
4) EPLite unloads itself from Diablo II
5) Diablo II is resumed

How can I set EPLite to reveal only the current act?

1) Open "epl.ini"
2) Set DoFull option to 0
3) Close and save "epl.ini"
4) Now only the current act will be revealed, if you execute EasyLoad.exe, which is faster than revealing the entire game
5) IF you want to revert this, simply set DoFull option in "epl.ini" to 1


1) Join a Diablo II Game (Bnet or Single Player)
2) Execute "EasyLoad.exe" once
3) The map is now revealed (including shrines & objects)


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Re: [Program]Patched EPLite Diablo II v1.12 maphack

Post  sytek on Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:28 am

I think this is the map hack that randy was telling me about that I refered to in another post. I will risk testing it along with hassan, but from what randy says this MH works real well.


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