fast way to 40 with a tombers aid

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fast way to 40 with a tombers aid Empty fast way to 40 with a tombers aid

Post  necropenguins on Thu May 29, 2008 6:59 pm

really, really quick sum up of an easy way to get to 40 with a tombers help. FEEL FREE TO EDIT IF I SKIPPED BITS OR SAID SOMETHING WRONG Razz

new char makes 1st and last trist game. Usually takes about 15 trists until tomb time--then two tombs before the rush, ancients and then baal

1st game will get u cain. follow the tomber into stoney in every game because you're looking for xp shrines (if there's more than one of you, take turns taking them Smile. the randos are nicely asked to wait in town because they have grabby hands and take the shrines. tomber makes the games in between then you make the last one when you're at least level 14, tomber will do catacombs with you and get you to act two. Follow in catacombs for exp. You'll be level 15 by now.

ng--tombs. tomber gets u the pieces, this time the tomber will have everyone follow for exp. most randos stick around for the tombs even if they have their pieces because its a hell of a lot easier with a tomber doing the work. Follow him around for exp unless asked otherwise.
Do some tombs--until around 23. then the tomber/rusher will have you folow them for trav, meph, and chaos for diablo. do ancients and do some baal runs until your forty. if the runner also kills baal in the games he makes it takes about 15 baal games. then u have a glitcher. glitch other guys or go to nm and hell as u see fit.

Be sure to follow whoever is running preferences, since theyre helping you out Smile FOLLOW the runner do not lead them, because most times when the runner stops they are waiting for someone in the party to catch up. remember more people = more exp and you have to stay pretty much togther.

our grand leader helps me with this all the time, and i'm trying to write down his method so he wont have to. Smile i may have missed bits, but if youre getting tristed it helps if u know where to go, feel free to edit or let me know if its not clear-my mind works in a special way haha


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