About the start of Clan FON

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About the start of Clan FON Empty About the start of Clan FON

Post  sytek on Tue May 13, 2008 2:41 am

On 4/10/2008 with the help of two friends on Bnet I formed this clan, because I got very tired of all the worthless, rude users on Bnet. The whole point of this clan is to be polite, good mannered, honest, and helpful to eveyone not just fellow clannies but also to everyone. The whole intent of this clan isn't to be the biggest or the one with the highest level players. Rather to show eveyone on Bnet how Diablo 2 Xpac should be played. With the help of my fellow clannies I hope to do this. To all of those people that choose to bless us by joining our clan I Thank YOU!

Also a big shout out to IE_phantom aka Pat and KrazyEights aka Adam, the two friends that helped me start this clan and major props to joe who found this site for us to use for forums.

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