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my smiter build Empty my smiter build

Post  antokill124 on Wed May 21, 2008 5:24 pm

str:enough to wear gear. (without torch anni and othe gear)
dex:untill u have enough to where a phase blade(last wish) that will also give u a very high% chance to block.
vita:rest smiters need alot of hp, damg reduced, and deadly strike this covers hp.
max out smite
max out holly shield
max out fanta
max out defiance
then rest on vigor(WTV)
fort as an armore is very good for high def and life. also res
coa as a helm is exelent(with 2 soc ber) 4 res and dmg reduced
wep is lastwish pb very good for life tap and ignores target def.
shield will have to be exile
2 bk rings for life (dont worry bout life steal on a smiter it dosent work just foucous on life tap)
draks gloves for life tap
and gore boots for cri and deadly strike
ammy is highlords for the skill and the deadly strike

smiters are god and can solo uber if built right

charms :
a ptorch
lifers alot of em
and if ur missing res (which u should not be) get res charms
pcombs with life on em.(or not but life is alot more eficient

ty and enjoy

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