EasyLoader Maphack (safest NH to use)

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EasyLoader Maphack (safest NH to use) Empty EasyLoader Maphack (safest NH to use)

Post  sytek on Wed May 21, 2008 2:10 pm

EasyLoader Maphack (Potentially Banable)


This Maphack Loads All the Maps in all the acts then closes its self so its not running in your memory which is supposedly alot harder to catch then the normal maphacks that run full time. Only drawback is theres no monster locations or any of the stairways marked but it does what it says it will and just loads the map. You have to alt tab and reveal every act. The idea behind this MH is it just reads the map seed sent to your PC from Bnet. It doesn't send any packets to Bnet. So of all the MHs I've seen or heard about this is the safest to use.

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