Glitcher making guide w/o a tombers help

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Glitcher making guide w/o a tombers help Empty Glitcher making guide w/o a tombers help

Post  sytek on Tue May 20, 2008 12:06 pm

This is a guide intended to be used in case no one is helping you make a glitcher and you have to use public games.

First step make a "cain help plz" game. If you're lucky you might get rushed all the way to act 5 or at least get andy if you ask nice.

Once you have cain you can join trist games till you're level 15. This takes between 20 and 25 trist runs. Once you're a level 15 if you don't have andy yet make a "andy help plz" game. Once you have andy if they don't rush you through act 2, make a "help act 2" game.

Once you have act 2 under your belt it's time to do tomb runs. I've found that 2 or 3 good tomb games you can be a level 24. Some people tomb till their level 20 and then cow till their level 24.

At this point if you haven't gotten rushed to act 5 you need to make games to get rushed through the acts. Make games like "act 3 help plz" and "kill diablo plz". Just remember to ask for help nicely and always thank people for their help.

At level 24 it's time to make a "ancient hlp plz" game. When you get your aniecnts done you can join baal runs till you're a level 38. The minium you need to be a glicher for a grush is a level 38. During the course of a grush you should be a level 40 by the time you get to nightmare ancients.

Here in a knut shell you have how I make glitchers. As always if I'm around and not busy I'm more then willing to help someone make a glitcher. Time wise I've used the method in this guide to make glitchers and have done it in as little as two hours, which isn't bad. I hope someone finds this guide helpful and happy glitching

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