How low lvl chars can earn High Runes

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How low lvl chars can earn High Runes Empty How low lvl chars can earn High Runes

Post  sytek on Tue May 20, 2008 12:03 pm

Even a low lvl char can find easy ways to earn high runes. You don't have to have a fully geared 90+ char to either find or earn them. One thing to remember however is when you make a trade game don't get disappointed if it takes a while or several games to make the trade. Also while in the trade game if you can key it. Here are just some of the ways I have used to get HRs for myself.

Collect flawless gems until you get 40 of them, save the Amethist seperate. You can get one HR for 40 P gems, people use these to reroll grand charms from hell to try for skill charms and I think you can get 2 HRs for 40 P amethist, people use these to craft with. So once you have 40 make games called something like "40 Pgems 4 hr" or "40 Pameth 4 2hr". Gem shrines will turn your lowest gem in your inv to the next one up, so if you have a flawless in your inv and hit a gem shrine it will turn perfect.

Find items worth HRs, these you can find in pub and private games in nm and hell. Some of these items are four and five open socket flails and crystal swords, magefist gloves, chance guard gloves, storm trek boots, and lidless shield. Those items are worth at least one HR. Some items are worth more then a HR like Harlequin Crest Shako and Stone Ring of Jordan, these are worth at least three HRs but my advice is if you are lucky enough to find these keep them for your self. In the begiening focus on the items worth one HR. Then make trade games for them like magefist 4 hr. Ask around and you'll find other things worth a HR there are a lot of them. If you are unsure what a item is worth please by all means ask someone that knows before you try to trade it, just because we're all noobs here doesn't mean we have to get screwed.

If you can key a game which means find the T, H, and D keys. Once you have one of each you have what's known as a key set which is worth a HR. However if you find three key sets then get the organs you can trade the organ set for five HRs. Just make a game called "org set 4 5hr" once you get the organ set and key that game. If no one comes for trade by the time you are done keying make another game and key that one. You can also MF the game (MFing might take another guide to explain).

If you are able to grush someone to at least act to 4 in hell that's worth a HR and all forges (if you're lucky they won't leave you when they get to act 4 in hell and screw you out of the hell forge). If you do grush for someone just make sure to get the HR up front or at the very least before you kill normal baal, as most people that say "dude I'll pay you after the rush" won't. If you don't know how to grush just follow my guide also in this section.

A few things to remember about HRs are most HRs in the games are dupes or copies and will poof on you if you don't perm out of the game. Try to keep all your HRs on one mule and have a trusted friend or clannie help you xfer them to that mule. Don't worry about getting runes that are dupes as when you use them it items that will perm them and they will not poof.

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